How to Earn Money on YouTube

Make Money on YouTube

Mumbai Event |  Dec. 15, 2018 | 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon
A special training session focusing on YouTube’s Partner Program (click here to learn more) has been organized in Mumbai on Dec. 15, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon IST. A Google-Certified YouTube Partner whose channel has received over 6 million (60 lakh or 0.6 crore) video views is hosting this special training event. The following topics are going to be covered during this training event:
  • YouTube’s Partner Program: What is it about?
  • Who can become a YouTube Partner(Hint: Students, professionals, and housewives… are you listening?)
  • How several YouTube partners are monetizing their YouTube videos and earning $5,000+ per month.
  • Tips on how anyone with access to a computer (but not to an HD camera) can still earn money on YouTube.
  • Real-life examples of successful YouTube Partners from India and abroad.
  • How to create popular YouTube videos that can fetch 1 million+ views (we will share brand new ideas with you).
  • How to buy the right software/equipment for your channel (music creation software, video editing software, VFX software, green screen, 720p/1080p HD cameras, FREE software programs, etc.)
  • Definitions in the world of YouTube: Adsense, Adwords, 1080p, monetization, revenue sharing, content ID, copyright, fair use, etc.
  • Tips on how to avoid copyright-related issues and how to maintain content originality.
  • How to use YouTube for marketing your product/service/event.
  • How to use Google Adwords to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos/business (bonus).
  • How to sell your merchandise (T-shirts, music, books, etc.) with YouTube.
  • How to design banners/thumbnails and create art for your YouTube channel. 
  • How to get thousands of subscribers on YouTube.
  • FREE E-book for all the workshop attendees!
  • Last but not the least, how to earn thousands of dollars with your YouTube videos (YouTube पर पैसें कैसे कमायें?).


Question: Who should attend this workshop?

Answer: Are you a college-going student, working professional, budding entrepreneur, or housewife looking forward to earning extra income in dollars? Then you MUST attend this special Mumbai workshop.  

Question: What kind of YouTube videos can I earn money from?

Answer: You can earn money on YouTube by monetizing videos from across categories (“How to” tutorials, comedy videos, original music, choreography, cooking, scenic videos, short films, animations, etc.). In short, sky in the limit (literally). The only rule is that the video content should be original and of decent quality.    

Question: Why is YouTube such a powerful platform? YouTube इतना शक्तिशाली क्यों हैं?

Answer: YouTube has over a billion users! Interestingly, 1 in 3 people on the internet watch YouTube on a fairly regular basis. YouTube has more reach than TV, radio, or any other known broadcasting medium. In the U.S., YouTube reaches more young adults than any cable television channel (according to a recent survey).

Question: Why should I attend this training event?

Answer: A recent survey reveals that YouTube is growing at an alarming rate. It is currently the world’s second most searched platform. YouTube also gives video creators an opportunity to earn some money from legitimate videos.

Thousands of YouTube partners are currently earning millions of dollars every month. By attending this training event, you will learn more about this truly fantastic income opportunity.

Question: I have a question for you. How should I contact you?

Answer: Please get in touch with us by using our Contact Us form.

Google-Certified YouTube Partner

Videonium’s channel on YouTube received the following Google certificate on Nov. 28, 2018 (ID: 24937869). According to the Google certificate (please see the image inserted below), Videonium’s Channel knows the basics of how Google’s video solutions can help accomplish its brand marketing objectives. We will share authentic information with you.   Award_Certificate-page-001







Why Us?

  • Monetized YouTube channel with over 8,000 subscribers
  • Over 6 million (60 lakh or 0.6 crore) views from across geographies
  • More than 300 videos on various topics
  • End-to-end video production expertise
  • Relevant industry experience in content marketing and SEO
  • Founder: STEM Ph.D., alumnus of University of Illinois at Chicago (USA), and Nobel Laureate Event Organizer with industry (MNC) experience